Frequently Asked Questions

What login credentials should I use?

Use your username, EuroBonus-/travelpass number or email and password to your EuroBonus account to sign in to the shop. 

My login credentials does not work?

If you cannot login, we ask you to reset your username and/or password here.

How do I redeem EuroBonus points?

In order to use the website, you will need to login using the same credentials you use at SAS's website. When you have successfully logged in, you will be able to shop using your EuroBonus points or a combiantion of EuroBonus points and card payment. When you have found a reward you would like to redeem your points for you can add it to your shopping cart using the "Buy" button. When you want to proceed to check-out, click the shopping cart and then press the "proceed" button. In the check-out you can decide how many EuroBonus points you would like to redeem using the slider in the bottom left corner.

I have earned points in the EuroBonus Shop. When will the points be available on my account?

The points you earn i the EuroBonus Shop will be available on your account 4 weeks after the purchase.

How does partial payment / payment using a mix of point and card payment work?

If you want to pay using a mix of EuroBonus points and card payment, drag the slider in the bottom left part of the check-out to the position representing the share of the order total you would like to pay using points and/or card payment. If the point slider is set in a position that is lower than the order grand total, the "Pay with points" button in the bottom right corner changes to "Proceed to payment". By pressing the button with the slider in the beforementioned state, you will be transfered to a secure card payment page where you can proceed with the partial payment using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.

What happens if i return a product that has been payed using points that has expired?

If you, within the allowed withdrawal period, return a product which you've payed using partially expired EuroBonus points you will only be credited the EuroBonus points that are still valid. Points that have expired will not be credited. In the case the product is faulty or damaged upon arrival SAS EuroBonus will decide on a case-by-case basis whether expired EuroBonus points should be credited or not. 

I have not received an order confirmation – have my points been withdrawn?

If you have not received an order confirmation, the purchase has not been completed successfully and no points have thus been withdrawn from your EuroBonus account. We kindly ask you to verify that the email address you supplied is correct, as this is the most common reason for not receiving an order confirmation. In addition, an order is created only as long as you have completed all the steps of the check-out and successfully completed the purchase.

I cannot change the email address I want my digital product delivered to?

When you order a product that is delivered digitally can only be sent to the email address that is registered in your EuroBonus profile. You can change this email address using My EuroBonus pages. However, due to security reasons, we restrict purchases of digital products for 48 hours after the email address has been updated on My EuroBonus pages.

How is my order delivered?

Within the Scandinavian region, your parcel is delivered using PostNord. Parcels to the rest of the world are sent using UPS. You will be notified via email when your parcel has been sent from our warehouse. In some cases, your parcel will be sent to the nearest delivery point and you will be notified of its arrival by email and/or text message.

When is my order delivered?

We always strive to deliver all orders as quickly as possible. The delivery time depends on what product you ordered, and the country you want it delivered to. In the Scandinavian region, delivery times are normally between 3-7 working days.

Due to the prevailing situation, delivery of your goods may take longer than usual, thanks for your understanding.

Parcels order during Christmas season, as well as parcels bound for countries outside the Scandiavian region are normally delivered within 3-10 working days. In rare cases, one of the products in your order might be on backorder from the supplier. In such a case we will delay the delivery until all the products contained in your order are in stock.

Estimated delivery times:

RegionEst. delivery time
Europe 3 - 7 days
Asia 5 - 9 days
Australia 6 - 7 days
Africa 6 - 10 days
South America 7 - 10 days
North America 6 - 7 days

* estimates does not include customs handling

How do I make a complaint due to a product defect?

All complaints should be sent to us along with a detailed description of the defect. In some cases, we require you to attach photos of the product in order to verify the defect. Depending on the supplier, the complaint administration process will vary slightly, along with the time it takes to process the complaint. We always strive to process all complaints as quicky as possible.

Will any additional fees apply when I shop?

A shipping fee will apply, in addition to the price of the product. This shipping fee covers shipping, pick and pack, customs handling and import taxes and depends on the country to which you would like us to send the order and the combined weight and size of all the products in the order. The shipping fee is calculated in the check-out process. No fees apply to digitally delivered products.

I want purchase basic points

Basic points can be bought via, using the same login information you use here at EuroBonus Shop. Purchasing Basic points is meant for those who are just a few points short of keeping their member tier another qualification period. 1 000 Basic points costs 10 000 Extra points or €100.