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Solar Safeguard RF 3.1H

Solar Safeguard RF 3.1H

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Product description

The GP Safeguard Hybrid is an innovative and reliable safety lamp powered by pure solar energy combined with alkaline batteries. The hybrid are partly self-sufficient and prioritize solar charging to minimize the use of the alkaline batteries. This ensures long life time and reduced battery usage. When the solar energy is used, the lamp automatically switches to the alkaline batteries during charging.

  • Powered by solar, primary batteries as backup.
  • Primary battery run time: 400 days (if the lamp lights 10 times / day, or a total of 8 hours in ON mode).
  • Operating time rechargeable battery: 130 days (if the lamp lights 10 times / day or 2,6 hours in ON mode).
  • Brightness: 130 lm (both for rechargeable and primary battery).

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With a 20-year history in batteries and battery charging, GP Batteries is today the leading company when it comes to battery chargers and rechargeable NiMH batteries in the Nordic countries.

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