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Mölkky Original

Mölkky Original

13 800 points
or 44,99 €
Earn 450 points

Product description

Mölkky is a fun game for those who are tired of cubes, but want something similar. To play Mölkky, all you need is a place outside, some friends to play with and a Mölkky set. To win, you have to reach exactly 50 points, and you do that by getting the cubes down. If you knock down one cube, you get the same score as written on the cube, and if you knock down more, the number of cubes counts instead. If any player gets over 50 points, they go down 25 points and have to work their way back up. Whoever reaches exactly 50 first wins!


  • Comes in a practical wooden storage box.

About Tactic

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Tactic's story began in 1967 in a villa garage in Pori, Finland. There, Aarne Heljakka decided to make his own version of a board game he had received as a gift from the USA. The game that forever changed Finnish board game culture was called Kimble. Its popularity is based on a simple, yet exciting gameplay concept that became Tactic's overall recipe for success.

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