Norden Cast iron Frying Pan 26 cm

Norden Cast iron Frying Pan 26 cm

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Product description

Fiskars Norden's high-quality cast iron frying pans are made from an innovative combination of premium materials that can withstand very high temperatures with natural superior non-stick properties. It gives you the opportunity to bring out rich flavors in your dish. The high-quality cast iron frying pan is inspired by Nordic nature and traditions. Cast iron retains heat extremely well and is perfect for slow cooking. The unique Thermium mineral treatment on the enamelled cast iron surface gives the frying pan superior natural non-stick properties even at very high temperatures. Does not rust and no surface treatment is needed - easy to maintain. Detachable wooden handle made of Finnish birch.


  • Dimensions: 112x283x520 mm.
  • The vessel is oven safe up to 240 °C.
  • Detachable wooden handle made of Finnish birch.
  • Made in Finland.

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