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Set 100 cm

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Product description

The Big Muurikka Pannu is perfect for a larger group, but also works well for family use. The versatile pan fits almost any kind of outdoor cooking, meat, fish, vegetables and even pancakes.

Includes Mason 100 Original pan with solid steel windscreen, gas burner D-600, protective hood, two side panels. Side planes made from heat-treated wound give plenty of room for cooking. Page levels provide plenty of extra room for cooking.

The grass gas burner heats up quickly and is easy to adjust. The burner's steel windscreen is big enough to prevent the flame from extinguishing easily. The D-600 gas burner is a three-ring burner with separate control valves, allowing the large pan to heat evenly and quickly.

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Muurikka is a Finnish company that manufactures pans and barbecue accessories for outdoor use. The pans are used over an open fire, with gas or electricity. Muurikka has become iconic for this type of grill model as it was they who invented it in the mid-'70s.

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