Leaf Collector

Leaf Collector

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Autumn is not only a time for beautiful colors on the trees but also a time to collect fallen leaves. The lawn needs to be free of leaves to get enough oxygen, but getting rid of them can be a time-consuming job. With the smart leaf and grass collector from GARDENA, this becomes something that can be taken care of quickly, quietly, and conveniently.
All leaves on the ground are easily picked up thanks to the system with brushes - almost completely silent because everything is controlled by your hand without the need for a motor. In this way, you save energy and make a conscious decision that benefits our environment.

The leaf and grass collector is also suitable for collecting grass clippings and residues after mowing. Thanks to the flexible height adjustment for adaptation to the ground, everything can be collected without effort. The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to maneuver the leaf and grass collector.

When the collection container is full, just disconnect and empty it, then reattach it. When the work is done, the leaf and grass collector can be stored upright so as not to take up too much space.

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