Coffee Maker KB952 AO

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All Mocca Master coffee maker are built by hand, and approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre. The water temperature is always between 92 and 96 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for brewing really good coffee. The brewer boils 10 cups in just six minutes and can hold 1.25 liters of water. It has an output of 1520W, and a host of features such as lime detectors, manual drip stop and automatic shut-off after two hours. The hot plate has two power modes.

Volume: 1.25 liters.
Capacity: 10 cups in 6 minutes.
Power: 1520 W.
Filters: 1x4.
Features: Auto off (auto power off) Lime warning. Metal housing. Drip stop. Two power settings on the hot plate.

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