Leather Apron Tärnsjö, Brown

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Villages leather products are vegetable tanned at Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden, using the same techniques as our forefathers did before us. The art of tanning leather is more than a thousand years old. Tärnsjö tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses worldwide who still use the tradition of vegetable tanning. Tärnsjö are known to produce one of the world’s best vegetable tanned leather using hides from local Swedish farms. The leather is tested to be free from harmful substances and is certified as 100% organic.

Village leather products are made from ”vintage” leather from Tärnsjö. The leather has a surface that let you know how the life of the cattle has been. Meaning that some marks might be spotted on the leather, this makes the products even more beautiful in our opinion. Since leather is a living material the leather shift in color from one to another. Size; 90 x 60 cm.

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