Language Course Spanish

Want to order a coffee or buy an ice cream on your travels? Language learning app uTalk will give you the words you need. Pack the essential words you need for your trip with this best-selling uTalk app which takes you through the basics and how to pronounce them. The uTalk app will help you get more out of your travels.

Budget edition
If you’re just after the basics the budget app will get you through with three key topics.  The first topic, called First words, covers greetings and useful words such as keys, credit card, paracetamol and toilets.  The second, the Restaurant section, ranges from “a table for two” to “the bill please” while the Food and drink section lists favourites from a piece of cake to pizza.

Standard edition
If you want to be better equipped in your new language, then choose the Standard edition.  It features ten topics including all the ones in the Budget edition but also: Social phrases e.g. “I had a great time”, Numbers up to ten, Accommodation e.g. “air conditioning", Places, Directions, Transport e.g. “car rental” and Short phrases e.g. “excuse me” and where is the nearest cash machine?”.

Complete edition
To really get the most out of your travels, the Complete edition covers a huge range of situations so you’re prepared for almost anything.  Select from more than 50 topic choices - including all the ones in the Budget and Standard editions.  Extra topics include Shopping phrases e.g. “could I try it on?”, Technology e.g. “where can I get internet access?” and, if your health doesn’t go to plan, an Illness section e.g. “I need a doctor”.

Product specifications:

  • The apps works on IOS and Android mobile phones, IOS and Android tablets, Mac and Windows.
  • The language apps sync with all your devices so can be used on whichever device you have to hand e.g. laptop or phone.
  • Can also be used by people whose first language isn’t Finnish as they work in all the main languages.
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