Termos Visibility Bottle Onyx

Termos Visibility Bottle Onyx

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Product description

When commuting in the city, sipping your morning coffee, you are constantly in-and-out of traffic. During the dark time of the year, you can see the cars yes, but are you sure the drivers can see you? Visibility Bottle is Magisso’s new innovation, designed to make you visible and safe.

Visibility Bottle by Magisso is a BPA-free thermos, coated with a reflective surface, to make you visible in traffic during the low-light hours of the day. Whether your are just walking the 50 meters from the parking to the office, or the 200 meters from the metro to the gym, with Visibility Bottle in your hand you are more visible to drivers. Take it with you when walking the dog, taking your kid to school or jogging late in the evening.

Magisso Visibility Bottle is also a way to be more sustainable. Think about how many paper cups you would NOT use, if you took all your coffees in a thermos of your own. With Visibility Bottle you can also have fresh water with you all day at work, fill it directly at the water dispenser or from the tap. Visibility Bottle keeps your warm drinks warm (up to 8h) and cold drinks cold (up to 12h).

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