Salamander Solar Led Torch

Salamander Solar Led Torch

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Product description

The POWERplus Salamander is a high quality, waterproof flashlight with a powerful 3W LED light. An integrated 2400 mah powerbank allows you to charge your mobile. This makes the torch an ideal companion for the road, summerhouse, boat and anywhere where instant electricity isn't available. 

The 3W LED bulb can be used on 2 different modes. The high beam gives an ultra bright, penetrating beam, whereas the normal beam saves battery life. The Salamander will shine for up to 7 hours on high beam or 12 hours on normal beam!

Under the watertight bottom cap you'll find a micro-USB port and a USB charging out port. Connect your mobile with the USB charging cable to power up the device battery.

About PowerPlus

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Powerplus is the market leader in renewable energy-driven products. Their products use solar, wind or hydropower as a power source. They strive to offer products that are environmental-friendly, independent of electricity and cheap.

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