PowerGo Vacuum Cleaner FC8243/09

PowerGo Vacuum Cleaner FC8243/09

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Product description

With the Philips PowerGo vacuum cleaner you can easily keep your home clean and fresh. The allergy filter captures as much as 99.9% of fine dust and allergens.

Allergy filters capture 99.9% of all particles - ECARF certified
The smart filter system captures 99.9% of fine dust, including pollen, hair and dust that are common causes of allergies and hypersensitivity. It is certified as allergy-friendly according to ECARF and is therefore suitable for those who are pollen allergy, sensitive to dust, pet owners or just want to maintain a high level of hygiene in their home. 

Simple s-bags last up to 50% longer
S-bags last up to 50% longer than regular vacuum cleaner bags, and the vacuum cleaner retains its suction power until the bag is full. A bag fits all models and has a closure mechanism that makes it easy to discard. 

Cord with long range of nine meters
With a range of nine meters from contact to nozzle, the cleaning becomes smoother and you do not have to constantly change the wall socket when vacuuming larger areas and distances. 

Large capacity of three liters means fewer bag changes
The dust container has great capacity and space for three liters before the bag has to be replaced. 

Built-in accessories are always at hand
Practical accessories that facilitate your cleaning, such as sealing nozzles, are stored in the vacuum cleaner so they are always at hand when you need to adjust your cleaning method. 

  • Input (max): 900 W.
  • Input (IEC): 750 W.
  • Noise level: 77 dB.
  • Action radius: 9 m.
  • Carrying handle: Top and front.
  • Cord length: 6 m.
  • Pipe type: Telescopic tube in metal in two parts.
  • Wheel type: Plastic.
  • Pipe coupling: Tapered.
  • Colour: Sport red.

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