Summerkitchen Gas Maxi 58 cm

Summerkitchen Gas Maxi 58 cm

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Product description

The summer kitchen Gas Maxi is fast, versatile and clean! The gas heat source, heats up quickly and evenly. With the Muurikka Pans, you can easily make summer treats for a bigger group of people, meat, fish, sausage, vegetables, seafood and pancakes for dessert!

The wheels of the trolley make it easier to move around and the sides of the trolley provide extra space for cooking. The lateral planes can be lowered to reduce the wagon space. The trolley also has ample storage space for various accessories and utensils, such as pots and smokehouse.

Included accesories:

  • Summer kitchen trolley, Black.
  • Gas burner D-400.
  • Muurikka Griddle 58cm.
  • Muurikka Lid 58cm.
  • Muurikka Summer kitchen cover.

About Muurikka

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Muurikka is a Finnish company that manufactures pans and barbecue accessories for outdoor use. The pans are used over an open fire, with gas or electricity. Muurikka has become iconic for this type of grill model as it was they who invented it in the mid-'70s.

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