Coffee Maker KBGC982AO Brass

Coffee Maker KBGC982AO Brass

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Coffee maker Moccamaster Brass represents Moccamaster's recognized quality, style and ease of use. This premium model from Moccamaster combines perfect usability, timeless design and reliability. Moccamaster bright up the kitchen and makes it extra fun to brew a cup of coffee. Moccamaster brews ten cups of flavourful coffee (1.25 liters) in just six minutes.

Moccamaster coffee makers are inspired by connoisseurs who appreciate that little extra in everyday life and include all the favourite features that coffee enthusiasts around the world love, such as automatic drip-stop and automatic shut-off. The automatic shut-off function provides carefree and safe use, and the automatic drip-stop function makes brewing extra comfortable. The mixing cap ensures that the delicious coffee aromas are evenly mixed throughout the brewing so that your coffee experience will be the best possible.

Moccamaster Brass also has a function to adjust the heat plate's effect for a smaller amount of coffee and an indicator light that comes on when the appliance needs to be descaled. Two separate heating elements ensure the best possible brewing process. One heats the water to an optimal brewing temperature of 92-96 C, and the other ensures that the finished coffee maintains an optimal serving temperature.

  • Dimensions: W325 x D170 x H355 mm.
  • Power: 1520 W.
  • Brewing time: 6 min.
  • Volume: 1.25 L.
  • Auto-off: Yes.
  • Drip-stop: Yes.

Handcrafted in the Netherlands. Remember to register as an owner of the Moccamaster,, and you get the 10 year guarantee! Even without the registration, the guarantee is for 5 years.

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Moccamaster – A multiple test winner created from the vision of brewing the absolute best coffee.

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