Water Hose Deluxe Nature 25 m

Water Hose Deluxe Nature 25 m

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Product description

A light and stylish water hose from By Benson that has a given place in the garden. The water hose is 25 m long and is as practical as it is a nice detail to look at. The water hose is 25 m long at normal water pressure, and without pressure the hose is about 1/3 of full length. The water hose has two standard connections at each end, 13 mm 1/2".. The hose is made of very durable textile and inside there is a hose in latex.


  • Material: Textile, latex.
  • Length: 25 m.
  • Color: Nature.

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by Benson creates beautiful, stylish and functional products, while at the same time taking into account and showing concern for the environment and the outside world.

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