Ticketmaster 1000 sek

Ticketmaster 1000 sek

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or 95 €

Product description

Note! Can only be used in Sweden.

Ticketmaster is the leading marketplace in Sweden for events in sports, culture, music and entertainment. Why not give an experience to someone you like? Visit www.ticketmaster.se to see current events range.

Please note that the gift card is valid as payment on Ticketmaster.se and Contact Center when purchasing tickets that are mediated by Ticketmaster through Ticketmaster.se or Ticketmaster contact center +46 77-1707070, but not at Ticketmaster physical ticket agents.

Cannot be combined with other voucher codes, value codes or gift cards. The Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash, and you cannot get cash in gear if you are trading for less than what will be credited.