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DECT Baby Monitor SCD725/26

DECT Baby Monitor SCD725/26

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Product description

Philips Avent baby monitor gives you more flexibility with up to 24 hours of monitoring before it needs to be recharged. The baby monitor has clear sound and features such as temperature control, lullabies and a special night mode to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment for your child.

Range up to 330 meters
Indoor range up to 50 m, Outdoor range up to 330 m. 

Up to 24 hours of use
The handy baby monitor gives you more flexibility with up to 24 hours of monitoring before you need to charge it. 

Indicator indicating that you are connected and within reach
Five lights show the sound level in the child's room, even when the parent unit is set to silent. The parent unit indicates if the monitor is out of range or if the battery is low, to ensure that you always have a working connection. 

Special night mode that dims the sound and the display brightness
Customize your alarm settings and receive messages via the silent and discreet vibration mode. Easily switch to night mode with a single push of a button to mute the lighting, display and sound. 

Soothing night light and lullabies
Calm your baby with a lullaby and warm glow from the night light. Choose from any of the five relaxing tunes and turn on the night light from any room in the house. A helping hand to help your child fall asleep easier. 

Talk to your child from another room
Sometimes your child just needs to hear the soothing sound of your voice. With this important feature, you can talk to your child with one click, no matter where you are in the home. 

Temperature sensor detects and warns of the climate in the child's room
Because children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults, small changes in climate can make them anxious. With the temperature sensor you can control your child's bedroom environment and set custom alarms should the temperature change. 

  • DECT technology: Yes.
  • Energy saving eco mode: Yes.
  • Indoor range up to: 50 m.
  • Outdoor reach of up to: 330 m.
  • Know that you are connected: Yes, with LED alarm.
  • Audio activation lights: 5 LEDs.
  • Comfortable night light: Yes.
  • Soothing lullabies: Yes.
  • Response: Yes.
  • Temperature sensor: Yes.
  • Night-friendly mode: Yes, mute the screen and sound.
  • Discrete vibration mode: Yes.
  • Charging station: Yes.
  • Parent unit battery and AC power: Yes.
  • Backup battery function for baby unit: Yes.

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